You can retrieve in your code anything that you have stored in PHP variables & constants. Variables data can be changed and constants are permanent, that’s a key difference. If you’ve read the PHP Syntax post, you already know that it’s always good to name your variables and constants with something that is related to Continue reading…PHP Variables & Constants

PHP Type Casting comes along with PHP Data Types. But as I’ve mentioned comparing data types or using them wrongly might result in errors or unwanted behavior in your code. You can cast either explicitly (manually) or leave it as implicit (automated). PHP Type Casting TOC Implicit. Explicit. Implicit PHP is smart enough to automate Continue reading…PHP Type Casting

You will be using PHP Conditionals to run a block of code on different conditions. You already saw something similar while reading about PHP Loops. This is more of a one-time thing though, as “if this is the case then do this”. It’s that simple. PHP Conditionals TOC if. if-else. if-elseif-else. switch. “If” Conditionals The Continue reading…PHP Conditionals