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Privacy #43797 Logging for GDPR privacy/security
Privacy #43967 Admin emails after email confirmation don't work for GDPR requests
Privacy #44013 Add Basic Access and Deletion Front-end Request Forms as shortcodes/widgets/blocks
Privacy #44043 Framework for logging/retrieving a users consent state
Privacy #43938 Make it clear to administrators that not all plugins support privacy policy content, personal data export and erasure
Privacy #44005 Privacy template file
Privacy #43974 Both request processes should follow the same convention - GDPR
Privacy #43857 Show the comment / awaiting moderation message even without opt-in
Privacy #43958 Pingbacks Trackbacks and Data Export/Deletion/GDPR
Privacy #43890 Allow Admin to Skip e-mail confirmation for Export/Anonymization
Privacy #44047 The link you followed has expired. - Export / Erasure admin screens
Upgrade/Install #43492 Core Telemetry and Updates
Privacy #43811 Licence & Policy notice during installation
Privacy #43175 Discussion - Pseudonymisation
Menus #17698 Nav menu "Add to menu" buttons should be disabled if they're actually non-functional
Privacy #43437 Add way for registered users to request deletion or anonymization of their private data
Privacy #43933 Make the Privacy Policy page intro text shorter and more friendly
Administration #43221 Don't hide the Help tab on small screens
Bundled Theme #43959 Twenty Seventeen responsive width bug
Administration #39165 Add page to assist with debugging and support
Themes #41309 Theme and plugin editing experience improvements at smaller screens
Themes #41143 Theme/plugin editing: if you don't select a function it just returns without message
Editor #43267 Admin editor "Insert link" modal on mobile seems to have incorrect styling
Posts, Post Types #43287 The text "immediately" should be capitalize in publish meta box.
Widgets #37451 Widget Sidebars Title text overflow
Bundled Theme #39623 Twenty Seventeen: Consider removing custom header from internal pages if selected video header
Upgrade/Install #40966 Double clicking the Update plugins-button gives... interesting experience!
Bundled Theme #40843 Twenty Seventeen: broken MediaElement.js player icons on hover
Toolbar #41288 wp admin bar WordPress about and updates icon can't show in Smartphone.
Bundled Theme #39884 Twenty Seventeen: No responsive menu, logo always has the same size
Bundled Theme #40338 Twenty Seventeen: Layout broken and JS error in `wp-activate.php`
Themes #41204 Placement of wp_redirect() in template


WordCamp Site & Plugins #3003 Tagregator - Twitter resets settings randomly
Profiles #3479 Support Profile / Unsubscribe from all Topics button
Translate Site & Plugins #1874 Add a filter for waiting strings with newest/oldest sorting
Support Forums #2596 Add Default Text in Support form as a Template for Asking Good Support Questions
Developer Hub #2878 Add bbPress and BuddyPress Dashicons to the devhub dashicon reference
WordCamp Site & Plugins #1773 Reduce Tagregator JavaScript size
Theme Directory #3113 Child theme stats does not count for the parent theme