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Speed & Security

With more than 10 years of knowledge in the field, I will safeguard your hosting environment and provide you with useful recommendations. You can also rest assured that your website will always be up to date with the latest releases.​

Built to Last

The web is changing fast; but that shouldn’t be a problem to you! By using the latest WordPress Coding Standards, your theme and plugins will always be safe for updating. Thus, your website will last through time and adapt to any change.

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Powerful Page Templates

Your website will be carefully crafted to meet all of your requirements and provide the best user experience. I’ll be working closely with the designer(s) to make sure that it is easy for you to extend, maintain or even alter it.​

Responsive & Mobile Ready

More and more people are using their mobile devices—phones and tablets—to browse the internet. Your website should be able to adjust to every screen out there, in order to provide a perfect experience for all users.​

Ease of Use

WordPress administration is as easy as editing a document. Even if you require more complex and custom built plugins and themes, the administration area will be tailored to your needs, with usability in mind.​


I’ll be with you every step of the way making sure that all of your questions and problems are solved. I will provide you with documentation on how to work with your website as well as instructional videos, if required.​

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WordPress.org Username: xkon
Forum Role: Participant
Forum Replies Created: 409
Core commits: 50
Meta commits: 8

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Privacy #43857 Show the comment / awaiting moderation message even without opt-in
Privacy #43910 Add actions and filters so plugins can easily extend export/erasure functionality
Privacy #43958 Pingbacks Trackbacks and Data Export/Deletion/GDPR
Privacy #43938 Make it clear to administrators that not all plugins support privacy policy content, personal data export and erasure
Privacy #43890 Allow Admin to Skip e-mail confirmation for Export/Anonymization
Privacy #43811 Licence & Policy notice during installation
Bundled Theme #43959 Twenty Seventeen: Responsive width bug
Privacy #43437 Add way for registered users to request deletion or anonymization of their private data
Privacy #44047 The link you followed has expired. - Export / Erasure admin screens
Administration #39165 Add page to assist with debugging and support
Privacy #44013 Add Basic Access and Deletion Front-end Request Forms as shortcodes/widgets/blocks
Upgrade/Install #43492 Core Telemetry and Updates
Privacy #43933 Make the Privacy Policy page intro text shorter and more friendly
Privacy #43974 Both personal data request processes should follow the same convention
Privacy #44005 Privacy template file
Privacy #44043 Framework for logging/retrieving a users consent state
Privacy #44230 Export Personal Data Flaw
Privacy #43797 Logging for GDPR privacy/security
Menus #17698 Nav menu "Add to menu" buttons should be disabled if they're actually non-functional
Administration #43221 Don't hide the Help tab on small screens
Themes #41309 Theme and plugin editing experience improvements at smaller screens
Themes #41143 Theme/plugin editing: if you don't select a function it just returns without message
Editor #43267 Admin editor "Insert link" modal on mobile seems to have incorrect styling
Posts, Post Types #43287 The text "immediately" should be capitalize in publish meta box.
Widgets #37451 Widget Sidebars Title text overflow
Bundled Theme #39623 Twenty Seventeen: Consider removing custom header from internal pages if selected video header
Upgrade/Install #40966 Double clicking the Update plugins-button gives... interesting experience!
Bundled Theme #40843 Twenty Seventeen: broken MediaElement.js player icons on hover
Toolbar #41288 wp admin bar WordPress about and updates icon can't show in Smartphone.
Bundled Theme #39884 Twenty Seventeen: No responsive menu, logo always has the same size
Bundled Theme #40338 Twenty Seventeen: Layout broken and JS error in `wp-activate.php`
Themes #41204 Placement of wp_redirect() in template


WordCamp Site & Plugins #3003 Tagregator - Twitter resets settings randomly
Profiles #3479 Support Profile / Unsubscribe from all Topics button
Translate Site & Plugins #1874 Add a filter for waiting strings with newest/oldest sorting
Support Forums #2596 Add Default Text in Support form as a Template for Asking Good Support Questions
Developer Hub #2878 Add bbPress and BuddyPress Dashicons to the devhub dashicon reference
WordCamp Site & Plugins #1773 Reduce Tagregator JavaScript size
Theme Directory #3113 Child theme stats does not count for the parent theme

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